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Shari’ah Audit/Review

We are ever ready to provide our service in the area of review of activities of Islamic financial institutions for compliance with shari’ah principles as well as serve as an external shari’ah audition of such institutions in line with Globally accepted standards such as AAOIFI standards

Advisory offering

Under this service we support our clientele in the areas of strategy development , business diagnostics and optimization, business feasibility assessment and business proposal, budget implementation support among others.

Waqf & Zakat Management

This entails the management of waqf as stipulated by the waqif and providing our best services in the areas of zakat calculation and disbursement to its beneficiaries.


This covers providing an optimal level of knowledges sharing in the areas most needed by our clients for their new and existing staff such as risk management, advanced asset liability management , treasury management, e.t.c.

Our Mission

To become a world class consultancy firm providing Islamic finance and legal consultancy services.

Our Vision

To set the benchmark for Islamic finance and legal consultancy with International Client base.


To provide services to both large and small establishments like oil companies, banks, microfinance banks, Islamic Cooperatives as well as informal clientele


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our consultants are available for online consultation via zoom or Google meet or any other convenient medium of communication. In addition our consultants can have one on one consultation at an agreed venue as long as the client is willing to bear the cost of logistics of our consultant to such a venue as well as hotel accommodation.

We offer our consultancy services in English language and Arabic because our consultants team are made of experts in Shari'ah and Islamic finance and all the fields that make up our core seevices too

our services is to help our clients make business decisions that are shariah compliant in line with the Quran and Sunnah. The business can be in any sector of the economy as long as it is halal.

our clients cut across every part of Nigeria and Abroad as our team of experts are well versed in the laws and terrain of these jurisdictions. One of our Consultants is also based in the UK and he is a professor of Islamic Finance of a university there.

We are a consultancy firm that help businesses, existing and SMEs in areas of advisory, business proposals and financial projections build up etc. We render a bespoke value-adding service depending on our clients need.

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Why Choose Us ?

The aim of the firm is to provide top-notch services to the teeming population in areas of Islamic finance, Fiqh Muamalat and legal drafting of Islamic finance Contract. Thus the objectives of the firm include: